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Czech Republic



project in progress

The goal of Premium Data Systems, which is part of the Premiot investment group, is to build and develop data centres. Demands for high availability of data and applications are ever increasing. This is why it is often not worthwhile for companies to build their own facilities and infrastructure in data and cloud solutions, because the financial demands of such projects are usually very high.

Data centres offer physical security, uninterrupted power supply, controlled air conditioning, guaranteed connectivity, and above all, scalability of system resources. These technologies support the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence; they are the basis for online games and virtual currency mining. The company already has an approved 119 million CZK subsidy for this technology, which is currently also used to calculate crisis scenarios during the pandemic.

A pilot project for the construction of a blockchain data centre is currently being implemented. Premium Data Systems is counting on 264 million CZKfor the first investment phase.

For more information about this project, visit www.premiumdata.cz.