Commercial Development

Czech Republic, Slovakia



project in progress

Mining and processing of minerals, especially slate and granite, is a fundamental segment of the long-term strategy of the group. They also own a wide spectrum of construction vehicles which they also rent out

Companies within the group owns two slate mines (Lhotka Mine, owned by Moravské břidlicové doly, a.s., and Nové Oldřůvky Mine, owned by PETRSTON, s.r.o.) and two granite quarries (Čierny Balog Quarry, owned by ROCK WORKS s.r.o., and Vápenice Quarry, owned by ČESKÁ ŽULA, a.s.).

In the case of Moravian slate, the main goals are the renewal of the tradition of noble production, building a market on a European scale and the application of modern technologies in the processing of this commodity. Both slate mines have mineable reserves of high-quality splittable slate in millions of cubic meters, which represents hundreds of years of production.

The mining and processing of granite in the Czech approach focuses almost exclusively on special noble production and production of crushed aggregate for line construction and other structures. All areas of the mines and quarries owned by the group spread over the land area of 281,323 m2.

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