Land development

Hungary, Greece



upcoming project

Our long-term strategy consists in investing in fast-growing and promising industries. The group's portfolio therefore also includes a pilot project in the field of medical cannabis cultivation, which includes a 44-hectare farm, a production line and its own centre for research and development of the use of cannabinoids.

As more and more countries begin to legalize and regulate the purchase, production and cultivation of cannabis, the market is beginning to respond accordingly. The cultivation and consumption of cannabis for use in adults and for medical purposes sanctioned by law is an increasingly frequent phenomenon. It is the therapeutic aspects of the plant that are also widely used by large pharmaceutical companies, which are launching new, branded products in which cannabis is the primary ingredient. Experts predict that the value of the marijuana market will reach 32 billion USD by 2022, which offers ample room for further improvement and growth.

Planned investments in the first phase are estimated at 500 million CZK, including the acquisition of our own development and research centre for cannabinoid use. The total planned investment in the project is 40 million euros.

For more information about this project, visit www.cannabius.org.